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Milestone after milestone. We take care of the special requirements of your construction project.

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Construction projects are unique and highly complex. Therefore, professional competence and a holistic approach from the onset are crucial. The interdisciplinary team at meilenstein will accompany you in your construction project with responsible project management, expert project leadership, and a focus on sustainability. We help you define your goals and organize and monitor your project in terms of quality as well as costs and deadlines. Our aim is to find the most technically appropriate and economically sustainable solution.

Would you like to carry out your project with us?

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meilenstein Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG

Are you looking for a first-class and safe realization of your real estate project? Is the punctual and budget-friendly completion of a project important to you? As experienced project managers, we know how complex, unique, and challenging construction projects are. We will gladly assist you with your project, assist you with builders’ tasks and see the construction processes to completion. Our services include:

Project management:

  • Technical client representation
  • General planning management
  • Creation of cost framework plans/
    construction calculations
  • Creation of framework schedules
  • Project management
  • Construction controlling/quality management
  • Technical due diligence
  • Transaction management
  • Mediation/conflict resolutions

Construction management:

  • General planning
  • Specifications for soliciting quotes
  • Drafting of contracts for construction and planning services
  • Construction and site supervision
  • Construction scheduling/cost and schedule tracking
  • Risk and claims Management
  • Warranty management
  • Property management
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To manage complex construction projects safely, extensive expertise, reliable partners, and personal commitment are required.


Successful project management requires managing processes, coordinating teams, and keeping track of costs, deadlines, and goals.


The project manager: The temporary construction department – so the right decisions are made.


Responding to requirements and unforeseen changes with direct communication is how construction projects succeed.

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TPM wiechers + meilenstein GmbH

Is your property state-of-the-art? Do you want your building to function flawlessly, use innovative technologies, and be ready for the future? As technical project managers, we provide you with comprehensive advice on technical building equipment and accompany you in your construction project as well as the renovation of your property. Our services include:

Project management/managing technical building equipment for:

  • Heating, ventilation, plumbing
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Electrical and I&C
  • Building automation and BMS
  • Lighting
  • Elevator and conveyor technology
  • Fire-extinguishing water supply
  • User-specific systems

ceneral planning technical building equipment:

  • Optimization and coordination of planning
  • Soliciting and awarding of proposals
  • Conformity testing according to standards/directives/contractual agreements
  • Quality management/assurance
  • Costs auditing and tracking
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Monitoring of consumption
  • Technical energy concepts
  • Assessor activities
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Like a well-functioning nervous system. The technical building equipment determines the convenience, efficiency, and functionality of a modern property.


Implementing the energy and climate transition. With artificial intelligence, smart measuring systems, and interlocking building technology.


Innovative building technology pays off. For you and for the environment.


Timeless – not old-fashioned, modern – not fashionable, aesthetic – and functional. This is the future technology of building.

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meilenstein Green Environment GmbH

Would you like to know how sustainable your property is? Whether your property can exist in the market and how the value can be increased through energy-efficient measures? As an independent ESG consultant and sustainable project manager, we can lead your property into the future. Our offer includes:

ESG consulting/due diligence:

  • Detailed inventory analysis
  • Development of energy concepts/sustainability goals
  • Creation of ESG due diligence report
  • Profitability analyses
  • Pre-check for sustainability certification
  • EU taxonomy specification review
  • Determination of CO² footprint/stranding point
  • Examination of green lease agreements

Certified energy consultancy (WG/NWG):

  • Review/optimization of planning
  • Creation of refurbishment schedules/energy performance certificates
  • Calculation of construction and refurbishment costs
  • Funding/subsidy advice/support (state + municipal)
  • Capital requirements calculation/financial modelling
  • Support for the implementation of project measures
  • Verification

Sustainable real estate management:

  • Collection/documentation of ESG-relevant data
  • Determination of cap-ex measures
  • Presentation of sustainability performance
  • Assistance with sustainability reports
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Three letters that are already of essential importance for the real estate industry today.

The more modern and efficient the building, the greater its potential for added value.


The energy transition can only succeed with digital processes and competent data analysis.

Certification makes sustainability measurable and comparable.

Ready to set your milestones using our know-how?

We can contribute our interdisciplinary know-how depending on the unique needs of your construc-tion project. Benefit from our many years of experience.